Unique Business Advantage is a Business Building Program for aspiring Entrepreneurs already in business and new business owners who are looking to stay in business beyond the first 5 years of trade.

The program focus is training your entrepreneurial skill in a way that helps you look at your business from the outside in. The systematic approach to building your business success relies on designing a future and then creating the present day steps that will achieve it.

Our objectives are to walk our members through the first few years of building their business from the ground up. Teaching what drivers your customers to buy, how to target your ideal market along with product development and public speaking to increase your sales is just a taste of what’s on offer.

Since its inception early 2010, over 100 business owners have taken part in the extraordinary training, mentoring and support offered by Unique Business Advantage.

Here is exactly what’s on offer

Unique Business Connections

Business Networking Events with a Difference

Unique Business Connection – Networking events featuring guest speakers, industry experts and insider strategies to help you save, time, money and energy. These events will also provide an excellent opportunity for networking with fellow solopreneurs. They have been designed in a way to build contacts, share business ideas and fine tune time saving strategies that will allow you to grow your business further faster.

High Quality Speakers - we’re hooked up which means you should be to…here are just some of the topics we have experts lined up to ready to share their know how.

  • Websites That Work
  • Social Media Made Easy
  • The Art of Copy Writing to Compel your Customers
  • Brand Recognition
  • Sales Techniques You Can Apply Immediately
  • Finances Demystify Your Profit and Loss
  • Outsourcing For Less than You Think
  • Technology You Can Use With Out Being a Techno geek!
  • The Language of Influence and Negotiation

Along with hand selected business owners who have cracked the code to financial freedom!

9 x Guest Lounge Class – Each month you can dial in from the convenience of home, office or holiday destination and grab a strategy, idea or product that will greatly increase your business skill and knowledge. Classes will include Guest Speaker interviews, Question and Answer calls.

9 x Audio Files of all “Guest Lounge” Classes - This way you’ll never miss a single second. Plus you can transfer them to your MP3 player, so you can conveniently absorb these business strategies anywhere, anytime.

No Hidden Costs – Breakfast is included so once you pay your membership fees there is no more out of pocket expense we’ll look after the rest.

FREE BONUS 1: An Advertisement in our members directory – You’ll receive space on our web which will help boost your online presence.

FREE BONUS 2: Thank you gift – On registering for your first event you will receive a book summary of “Business the Richard Branson way” along with a special audio version you can down load to you MP3 player

FREE BONUS 3: Guest Access Pass – As a member we encourage you to invite other like minded business owners along to connect. Each event attended you will receive a Guest Pass which allows your guest to come along to future events at a special rate.

Full 12 month offering is available for down load here

Unique Business Advantage Programs – UBC 1

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Unique Business Advantage Inner Circle

Business Mentoring You Can Afford

Members Receive VIP Access to Unique Business Connections Events Plus……….. All Of The Following Additional Benefits.

Invitation Only Access to Unique Business Connections Included

‘Inside the inner circle.’ One full day held every month* for in a secret location, a melting pot of entrepreneurial minds unpack their business challenges, dump the excess baggage and create trusted business contacts to share in possible future business.
A round table closed door event where your number one business problem is solved and you walk away with your next 30 day action plan ready to implement.

*Inner Circle is held over 10 months per calendar year to allow for the international conference
International Business Building Conference- Held each year at an over seas location (strategically placed to give your business a fresh injections of energy to last an entire year!

It’s a 3 day event designed to spend time working on your business not in it. Set in a gorgeous luxury setting that allows for the sharing of ideas, knowledge, partnerships and business ventures.
A guaranteed annual break with friends and family are welcome.

11 x Business Essentials SeriesWebinar classes covering the steps you need for business success including topics on Client Attraction Strategies / Marketing strategies and Launch series / Product creation / Lumpy mail / Web site design / Social Media and more.

11 x Audio Files of Business Essential SeriesThis way you’ll never miss a single second. Plus you’ll have our full permission to share these recordings with your staff, so they can understand the ideas & implement the strategies for you.

Full Unrestricted Access to the VaultThis is your exclusive access to all past, present and future resources for Members only. Inside a secure area your how to documents and videos, class recordings, training videos and workshop highlights along with exclusive invitations to events, photos and more.

Product Pack: What’s Your Unique Advantage? Find out in this compact product filled with classes and activities on how to find your character, how to define your market and how to carve out your niche.

Email only Access – If you have a problem you want solved your coach is on hand via e-mail Tuesday mornings till 2pm to help you smash through any road blocks.

BONUS 4: World-Class Books Summaries sent to you Every Month. We’ve personally selected a range of books from personal development to business building because we know you are too busy to go to the book store! Included are names like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Anita Riddick and more.

BONUS 5: Surprise Bonuses – Throughout the year you’ll receive extra value along the way as a thank you for the commitment to the program. A sneak peak includes a full behavioural profiling report to assess your areas for opportunity as well as highlight your strengths to maximise.

Unique Business Advantage Programs – Inner Circle

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Unique Business Advantage VIP

Personal Peak Performance for You and Your  Business

Members Receive VIP Access to Unique Business Connections Events Plus Complimentary Access to the Inner Circle Plus All Of The Following Additional Benefits

As a VIP member of Unique Business Advantage you are entitled to personal mentoring and coaching each month on top of all the other added benefits of the above Unique Business Connections and Inner Circle programs… Here is what else we’ve included….

Monthly Business Coaching – 2-3 hours Accountability coaching and mentoring, personal development to dissolve any blocks and regular mindset management to stay in check.

Business site visit – Hot seat your business with a walk through.

We come to your work place and review your systems, processes, procedures and daily operations to help save you time and money. With a complete view of your key performance measures and staff reviews (were required) we’ll even help you run your meeting more effectively. What ever it takes to get your business blasting ahead!

Unique Business Advantage Fast Track Your Business – Great support is critical to your business success. That’s why each of the first class members has the ability to receive personal coaching and mentoring during the program. We will hold your hand and teach you the latest methods for creating and documenting Systems. You’ll be trained on how to use specialised software applications that will save you time and money and you will have regular sessions to make sure you stay on the fast-path to success.

Fast Path Your Business – Website and Marketing Material Critiques

Send your marketing material such as flyers, promotional material, advertising, website copy and more in to the office for personal critiques. Your material will be deconstructed according to your target market so you can talk straight to your customer’s major objections.

Email and Phone Access. If you have a problem you want solved your coach is on hand via e-mail or phone to help you smash through any road blocks.

Fast Path to My Mentors – Throughout the year you’ll receive VIP invitations to events held by my mentors who are all successful Australian Entrepreneurs. You will experience first hand how the business world works, receive incredible material and have the opportunity to challenge the way you currently do business.

BONUS: Special Invitation only “Social Events” After Each Workshop – We believe in working with friends so this is your opportunity to get to know each other in a more fun and relaxed environment.

FIRST CLASS: Invitation Only Access to Unique Business Connections. ‘Inside the inner circle.’ Held once a month for 2 hours in a secret location, a melting pot of entrepreneurial minds unpack their business challenges, dump the excess baggage and create trusted business contacts to share in possible future business.

Full 12 month offering is available for down load here

Unique Business Advantage Programs – Inner Circle 1

There are only 5 VIP Personal Peak Performance places offered each year. To secure a reserved seat you must be prepared to create change, be 100% responsible for your results and want to innovate and grow your business.

To be considered for the program email your interest to

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